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Wndsn Star Calculator

High-precision star calculator. Companion to Wndsn Quadrant Telemeters: Low tech, high utility graphical distance computers from the Wndsn applied science lab.

To use, enter the latitude of your observation point, choose the name of the observed star or input its declination, and measure the altitude of the star with your quadrant. The resulting set of data can be used for cardinal direction and time determination.

Calculate range.

Calculating the altitude of a star's culmination from the southern horizon.


Determine culmination, azimuth, and hour angle based on a star's declination and altitude


Observing and measuring the 59 navigation stars, which are bright enough to be recognized in the sky with moderate light pollution, we can determine cardinal direction, location, and even time.

For a comprehensive tutorial, see The Quadrant Telemeter: A Star Compass.

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